Are you using yesterday’s WLAN for today’s demands?
Straight-Line gives you the direct route to maximizing mobility.

With more users, devices, and applications accessing your wireless network, you need to ensure a robust, secure, and reliable connection throughout your enterprise.

Straight-Line Solutions has partnered with mobility leader Zebra Technologies to design, deploy, and support your wireless network and mobile technology.

design Design

Straight-Line will assess your site, using heat-maps and network analysis to identify the specific needs in every area. Our engineers customize the WLAN blueprint, and identify the hardware that will best match your needs—including Zebra’s WING5 networks, which work indoors and outdoors, and can be sized to any business.

deploy Deploy

Straight-Line’s technicians handle all the wiring of your hard networks, testing every aspect. Our hardware specialists procure and configure the devices—handheld computers, barcode scanners, RFID readers, thermal printers—so they’re ready to run with your WMS when the network launches. We guarantee every aspect of your network is fully functioning before we leave the site.

support Support

Our relationship doesn’t end with the installation. Our support specialists are available to respond to your calls, without the need for a service contract. Call us any time, anywhere. We’ll even provide our cell numbers!


 API = Another Perfect Installation

API is Straight-Line’s KPI. We attend to every detail, using our vast experience and in-depth knowledge with the goal of achieving a seamless, flawless installation.

Android Is Ready For The Enterprise

With Zebra’s Mobility Extensions (Mx), you get the rugged reliability and advanced engineering of Zebra’s mobile technology, but it’s now powered up with enterprise-grade security, connectivity, and management. Talk to Straight-Line for straight talk about enhanced Android.