About Warehouse Management System

Customer Maintenance

WMS’s Customer Maintenance screen makes it easy to add and maintain customers. Each Bill-to can have an unlimited number of Ship-to addresses. When interfaced with QuickBooks this feature significantly expands its functionality. This screen can be easily accessed from the order entry screen making customer maintenance and order entry a seamless process.

Order Entry

WMS’s pop-up and auto-fill features order entry couldn’t be easier. Operators have the ability to manage discounts and view the customer’s order history right from the order entry screen. WMS validates all order data as it is entered.

Orders can be entered against any number of warehouses/domains. Once the order has been released, it will automatically print in the appropriate warehouse.

Order Inquiry

Your customer service representatives will never have to question the status of an order again. With WMS’s real-time inventory tracking and user-friendly order inquiry screens you will always know the exact status of your orders.

InveTrak Mobile

Mobile provides an easy-to-use mobile interface to WMS that enables employees to perform their day-to-day activities using RF (WiFi) technology.

Multiple Warehouses

With the powerful Domain feature, WMS enables you to setup and manage an unlimited number of warehouses and production facilities across your local or wide-area network.

With Domains, each facility can have total autonomy while, at the same time, interfacing with each of the other facilities. WMS manages employees, items, warehouse locations, customer orders, purchase orders, and production at the Domain level. It is even possible to create multiple domains within a single warehouse. This is especially useful for third-party service providers.

Inventory Locator System

WMS’s inventory locator system enables you to map out your entire inventory locator system. You’ll be able to specify the pick paths within your warehouse and automatically print location labels for each of the locations entered. Setting up locations in InveTrak is a simple and painless process.

Inventory Inquiry

WMS’s inventory inquiry screens provide inventory balance, usage, and available to promise information. You’ll be able to view inventory by location and license plate number and you’ll also have full lot and serial traceability.


With one simple and easy to use screen operators will be able to receive inventoried, non-inventoried, and RMA items. When your suppliers fail to bar code / label your product, with a click of a button, WMS will print the appropriate labels for you.

Order Picking

Orders are picked quickly and accurately using either the workstation pick screens or the Mobile pick screens. InveTrak WMS validates all transactions as they are processed.

Lot and Serial Control

WMS provides full Lot and Serial Number Control. When setting up Items, you specify whether the item is Lot and/or Serialized. Once an item has been specified as requiring Lot and/or Serial Numbers, WMS will require valid Lot Numbers and Serial Numbers to be entered. WMS automatically assigns FIFO dates to new lot numbers as they are entered. The Lot Maintenance screen makes it possible to edit FIFO dates and Expiration Dates. Full Lot and Serial traceability is provided.

Lot Expiration

Using the Lot Expiration Report you can specify the number of days in which you would like to analyze. WMS will display all product that is going to expire within the number of days you specified. WMS will also prevent you from shipping or using outdated product.

License Plates

WMS’s License Plate features enables you to easily manage multiple products, serial numbers, or lot numbers on one transport device. That transport device could be a pallet, tote, bin box, cart, etc. Once a license plate has been assigned to a transport device, all items contained in that device are automatically tracked when the transport device is moved from one location to another. This feature is extremely effective when managing serialized items. You could have a tote with many serialized items in it. When you move the tote from one location to another, you only have to scan the license plate and the location they are moving it to. WMS automatically performs the transactions necessary to move all of the serialized items into their new location.


When processing shipments, WMS generates professional looking packing lists that displays your company logo and a detailed breakdown of the products contained in the shipment. Optional shipping labels can be printed along with the packing list. Shipment Confirmation data is collected at the end of the process.

Min / Max Inventory Replenishment

WMS’s powerful Min/Max Calculator you’ll be able to accurately calculate and set minimum and maximum inventory replenishment levels. The Min/Max Calculator gives you the option of using one of 3 different usage periods as your basis for the calculation. It takes into consideration usage, lead time, and the number of weeks inventory you wish to maintain. There will be no more guessing where your minimum and maximum levels should be set.

Inventory Forecasting

WMS provides an extremely intuitive Inventory Forecast report that will help you to maintain minimum inventory levels while, at the same time, avoiding stock-outs. This report, along with the Planner’s Workbench, makes planning our inventory a breeze.


WMS provides a simple and easy to use Purchase Order entry screen that will enable you to create purchase orders and effectively communicate with your suppliers. WMS’s purchase orders support both one-time deliveries as well as scheduled or blanket deliveries. You can even coordinate drop shipments to other service providers/suppliers.

Label Design and Printing

WMS has been designed to work with NiceLabel Pro. This enables you to use one of the leading bar code label design tools on the market. With NiceLabel Pro, you can design any and every kind of label you’ll ever need.

Once you’ve designed your labels the next step is to register the label template. The registration process tells WMS how, where, and when to use the label template you’ve created. WMS handles everything else from this point on. There will be no more guessing which label formats to use.

Management Reports

WMS provides a multitude of powerful management reports to support your decision making process. You’ll have Customer Service Reports, Inventory Reports, Planning Reports, Production Reports, and Financial Reports. You’ll even have the ability to export your reports to Excel.


WMS provides a seamless integrated interface to QuickBooks PRO, Premier, or Enterprise. Setting WMS up to interface with QuickBooks is as easy as telling WMS where the QuickBooks company file is. From that point on, WMS handles the rest. With the push of one button WMS will synchronize…